Introducing the NPX TT, a dedicated power supply designed specifically for the NVC TT preamplifier. This exceptional power supply unit ensures that the NVC TT receives a cleaner and more stable power, enabling it to perform at its peak. The NPX TT can also be connected to various separate elements, including existing Naim products like the NAC-N 272, unlocking their full potential and enhancing their overall performance.

Guided by their esteemed Technical Director, Naim’s engineering team has developed specific electronic circuits that imbue the NPX TT with superior performance. Meticulously chosen audiophile components and precise measurements have been employed to achieve an uncompromising level of excellence. Paired with the NVC TT, the NPX TT delivers even cleaner power, resulting in enhanced sound quality and a more immersive listening experience.

Exemplifying Naim’s commitment to both contemporary and timeless design, the NPX TT showcases a sleek and elegant aesthetic. The design language is razor-sharp, combining premium materials with a clean and minimalist approach. The adjustable logo brightness adds a touch of personalization while maintaining the overall aesthetic integrity of the unit. By prioritizing performance and sound quality over unnecessary adornments, Naim has created a visually striking power supply that seamlessly integrates into any audio setup while delivering exceptional results.