Fever Detection

To help combat the global shut down from Covid-19, we are helping to protect the workplace and your home from an invisible enemy.

Using thermal camera technology we can provide you with the first line of defence against a virus. It is possible to identify individuals with an elevated temperature, which could be due to a fever.

Thermal Temperature Monitoring Basics;

  • To be used as a preliminary measure, this a safer and far more efficient way to process over manual alternatives
  • Reading the thermal IR radiation from a person allows us to identify their body temperature. We can preset a camera to alert you to a body temperature, for example, of 38 degrees and above
  • Accuracy +/- 0.3 degrees for our advanced solutions or +/- 0.5 degrees for our basic solutions
  • Up to 30 temperatures can be read at once
  • 1 second is all it takes to read a temperature
  • Contact free – Temperature readings can be taken from 0.8m – 7m away
  • Using AI technology the cameras can identify what is a human face and what is not, even a person wearing a mask will be measured
  • If your work place insists on facial coverings the system can even alert you if someone is not wearing a mask
  • Upon elevated temperature detection – Audible and visual alerts from the camera, push notifications to an app & PC software and email notifications
  • Systems start from £4100 inc VAT

We provide the equipment and installation,

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