Multi Room Video

No clutter

Imagine your home with no AV clutter…. No Sky box’s, Apple TV’s, DVD players or unsightly cables and remote controls.

Everything for your TV needs can be hidden away and centralised in one place such as the attic, garage or spare cupboard space. Allowing you to just have the main ingredient in the room….. the TV.

Simple control

Now the remote controls are gone you can simply combine everything in to a single remote control. You also have the option of controlling your TV with your phone or tablet.


Want to pause that highly addictive box set and take it to the bedroom? No matter what device the box set is being viewed on, ie apple TV or Sky, you can share this to any room you like without extra hardware.

Everything you will ever need

An example of our most common 4 x 4 matrix video distribution solution, providing every TV and movie service you could ever need in any room.

  • 4 x Sources – 2 x Sky Q boxs / 1 x Apple TV / 1 x Bluray player with apps
  • 4 x Rooms – Kitchen / Lounge / Cinema / Bedroom

Check out a large project recently completed, 12 Tv’s are able to choose between 6 sources, all controlled with single remote controls, iPhones and iPads. Smart Home Farnham

Whole-home AV, with app, voice or remote control (YouTube)

See how a HDANYWHERE system can transform your home.