Introducing the NAP 350 amplifiers, exceptional performance with a unique 175-watt monoblock design, capable of delivering incredible dynamics and catering to the most demanding loudspeakers. With a peak power output of 1.7 kW, the NAP 350 offers unmatched power and versatility, making it an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts seeking a truly immersive listening experience. Its balanced XLR input ensures a lossless connection for enhanced audio performance.

The NAP 350 is the result of Naim’s unwavering commitment to excellence, guided by their esteemed Technical Director and accomplished engineering team. By employing specific circuits and incorporating their renowned DR (Discrete Regulator) technology, the amplifier ensures a stable and consistent power supply, resulting in superior performance and impeccable sound reproduction. The NAP 350 is equipped with audiophile-grade components carefully chosen for their exceptional quality, including the NA009 transistors sourced from the prestigious Statement system. Additionally, a new current source and polystyrene capacitors with low dielectric absorption further enhance the amplifier’s overall audio fidelity.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into a complete audio system, the NAP 350 perfectly pairs with the NSS 333 streamer and the NAC 332 preamplifier, forming a powerful and cohesive setup. This seamless integration ensures optimal synergy between components, guaranteeing a captivating and immersive listening experience.

Exemplifying Naim’s commitment to both contemporary and timeless design, the NAP 350 boasts a sleek and elegant aesthetic. Its clean lines and premium materials exude sophistication, while the adjustable logo brightness adds a touch of personalisation. By prioritising performance and sound quality over unnecessary embellishments, Naim has created a visually stunning amplifier that stands the test of time.