We believe that every handmade turntable we make has something special and shows our dedication to traditions, history and passion. Giglio is one of our best creations: it redefines the classic shape of a turntable using quality materials and technical solutions that merge tradition with technology.
The Catenary curved plinth design derives from one of the most important discovery of the Renaissance era, resulting in extra rigidity and allowing the Giglio to reproduce the musical events with astonishing precision. The lower plinth is made of refined, locally sourced materials such as walnut hardwood, chosen for its exceptional elasticity, strength and great density. The wooden base is firmly positioned on three elegantly shaped and adjustable spikes made of anodised aluminium.

The Giglio features a 33mm thick platter and a high-precision bearing/spindle system engineered for ultra-low tolerance. The polished pulley presents an hourglass shape design that allows the belt to spin steadily reducing drastically Wow & Flutter as well as rumble effect.
The Power Supply of the 12 Volt synchronous motor has been specifically developed to ensure perfect music reproduction.
Thanks to our proprietary power control system based on a Quadral-Core micro-controller, the Giglio efficiently reduces vibrations and develops the high torque needed to obtain the greatest musical dynamic and resolution.
The Power Supply Unit electronically controls the 33⅓rpm and 45rpm as well as the fine speed adjustment, storing all the settings into memory.